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Metal Recycling In St. Charles, MN

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Iron and steel are the most widely used metals in the world. Strength, economical cost and durability make these ferrous metals ideal for a wide range of uses. Steel is the most recycled material in the world with over 80 million tons recycled in the United States alone annually. It is far more economical to recycle steel than to produce it from ores, so iron and steel recycling is an important part of the scrap metal industry. We buy, process and sell scrap steel as a major part of our business.

Iron and steel are the most broadly utilized metals in the word. Quality, cash sparing expense and capacity to last make these ferrous metals perfect for an extensive variety of uses. It is much more cash sparing to reuse steel than to deliver it from minerals, so iron and steel reusing is an imperative piece of the piece metal industry. More than 80 million tons of steel are recycled in North America every year. We purchase, process and offer piece steel as a noteworthy piece of our business.

Servicing southeast Minnesota, northern Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and the greater Rochester area.
All cast iron is not alike, but rather the heft of cast iron items are of the assortment called Grey cast iron. Other cast iron sorts are less normal and are comprised of various mixes of metals to frame compounds for exceptional purposes.

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Scrap Metal — Auto Parts in Saint Charles, MN
At our Southern Minnesota scrap metal yard, we effectively buy steel piece of different types from our venders. Steel comes in many sorts and frames and the sort and state of steel conveyed to us is a piece of the count of the amount we pay for scrap steel. Our cutting edge metal examination hardware lets us precisely decide the sort of steel conveyed to us and our profoundly skilled staff can rapidly recognize things that might be of a higher incentive than others.

Steel Types Include:
Carbon Steel – It's made of three main categories: Low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. A combination of iron and under two percent carbon, carbon steel is a more present day development.
Low Alloy Steels – It's a steel that has low amounts of one or more alloying element. Produces particularm properties not found in carbon steel.
Tool Steel – Tool steels have properties that make them appropriate for cutting employments. Drills, etches, cutters and different properties are made of tool steel
Specialty Steel Alloys – An extensive variety of steel composites incorporates combinations with extraordinary properties that suit them for specific uses. Unique weathering qualities, high quality and different properties are made by specific alloy formulations.
Stainless Steel – Containing chromium and nickel as a major aspect of the combination, stainless steel composites are exceptionally impervious to erosion. Stainless steel scrap is dealt with uniquely in contrast to different steels.
We Buy All Steel Items & Pay the Best Prices
Steel that we commonly receive from our sellers

  • Sheet Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Cable
  • Tool Steel
  • Axles
  • Chain
  • Anvils, rails, etc.
  • Reinforcing steel bars
  • Miscellaneous steel items